Thursday, December 3, 2015

YouTube Partner Program for MCN-affiliated channels

There was a message sent out by YouTube to channels that belong in MCN(multi-channel networks) this morning.

You can go ahead and click through and agree.

In a nutshell...
  • This is a re-agreement to the partner program you are already apart of.  
  • The verbiage in the old agreement when partners signed years ago was dated. It is updated now to take into account all the new revenue models and features YouTube offers now.  Things like Fan Funding etc.  
  • There is no difference in the way you work with YouTube and GTChannel. 
  • GTChannel and YouTube worked together to make this possible. You will benefit by gaining access to new features such as revenue sharing on eligible third party content in your video. (e.g.cover songs or videos that use music)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

False Copyright Claim by GTChannel?!

Recently we have been receiving claims by YouTuber users outside of our network regarding false copyright claims by GTChannel.

This is unfortunate because some partners in our network are clicking on the "Enable Content ID matches" during the uploading process.

Just to clarify, you should only click on "Enable Content ID matches" if you own the copyright to the video you are uploading.  

DO NOT enable Content ID if you are uploading any of the following. 
  • GAME PLAY footage. Whether or not this is footage of you playing, your friend playing or something you found on the internet, game play footage copyright is owned by the game company.  Not the player.  
  • Music videos and live music performances. 
  • MOVIES and TV shows. Do we really even need to get into this? Don't click it!

Check out this video that explains what Content ID is. It is there to protect the rights of the copyright holders.

When our partners click on Content ID on game play footage they do not own, the user is hit with a claim from GTChannel. Not only does this make us look like complete a__holes, it is illegal to claim content we don't own. We do not condone this action but can't stop it unless our partners learn that Content ID should only be enabled if the video was shot and produced by the partner themselves.  

If you are a YouTube user who has been hit by a false claim by GTChannel, we apologize and urge you to "dispute" the claim. That way we can see it and release the false claim.