Thursday, July 30, 2015

So Long Google+

Who's really a fan of Google+?  Like really a fan?  

I thought so.

Google/YouTube finally got the message after two years of trying to force creators to make G+ accounts and integrating G+ commenting.  Today they announced that:

1. You will be able to use YouTube without a G+ account.

2. Comments will be completely separated between the two services. Basically comments made on YouTube will stay on YouTube and G+ comments will stay where no one will ever see...

If you're happy with how things are going or don't care, there is no need to change anything.  Just leave it as is.

But just remember, DON'T DELETE YOUR G+ ACCOUNT YET.  This will delete your YouTube channel now.

See the YouTube Official Blog post on this topic here.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 Tips for YouTube Entrepreneurs

GTChannel Co-founder and President talks three important tips for YouTube entrepreneurs on Business Rockstars.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

GTChannel Founders on Business Rockstars

GTChannel founders Scott Schlichter and Taro Koki was invited to be on Business Rockstars with Kevin Rutkowski.  Business Rockstars is the largest producer of live audio and video content for entrepreneurs featuring rockstar CEO's, startups and entrepreneurs.  The Business Rockstars daily radio and streaming show airs LIVE 2 hours daily, Monday to Friday from 10am - noon PST.

Go to for more shows and information. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

10 New Features for YouTube Creators

  1. Comments: New system that reduces the spam and unpopular "dislike" comments. 
  2. Sub Notification: New mobile and email notifications when your fav channel publishes a new video. 
  3. Sub Feeds: Easier access to for your subscription feed for the YT mobile app. 
  4. Creator Studio App! 
  5. Mobile Video Management: Update thumbnails and manage monetization from mobile. 
  6. Cards: Are you using Cards? You should!
  7. 360 degree videos: Don't get dizzy. 
  8. Live Stream: Improvements on the livestreams.  
  9. Creator Community: Find like minded creators. 
  10. Updated Creator Academy