Thursday, May 21, 2015

GTChannel Staff Picks Top Ten Videos

We give you the Top Ten staff picks from our network.  Check out these videos and subscribe to your fellow GTChannel Network Partners!

The only way to attack a hill climb, Full Throttle.  
by Quantum Mechanics Autosport

Spring Festival of LXs 2015 (SF10)

Custom Ferrari 458 & Mercedes SL R231

by EvLSkillz

Jono Lester passes 27 cars in 6 laps・2015 Australian GT: Clipsal 500 Adelaide

     Fredric Aasbo Wins at FD Long Beach [S7, Ep 2] - Driven 2 Drift 2015 

by Scion Racing 

WTCC Nurburgring Testday

ClubFR - Drift Day 51 - 120FPS

by Eletor

Audi R8 LMS PK Carsport (NRF) A.Kumpen, B.Longin, F.Belien (Onboard + Action On Track) HD

Skyline Japan Kaido Racer Souki Rude Playerz

How Effective is Your Aero? - Wind Tunnel Testing a Nissan 350Z

Extra Bonus!

Formula Drift Long Beach 2015 [The Throwback]

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Online Video Ad Revenue Doubles in Three Years

Online video advertising double to  $11.2 billion from 2011 and 2014 and expected to grow to $13.8 billion in 2015.  By 2017 it is forecasted that it will reach $19 billion taking a huge chunk out of TV advertising.  YouTube leads the way with 2014 revenues to be at $4.2 billion.  Facebook, a new comer to online video advertising but said to have surpassed YouTube already in video impressions, projects they will account for over 25% of all online video ad revenue by 2018.

Source: Yahoo! Finance 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot Version Kickstarter Video Delivered to 538 Backers via VHX

The most important part about launching a Kickstarter campaign is delivering the final promised product or service to your loyal backers.

Sure, you've got the stickers, T-shirts and the whole 9 yards but you got to deliver the goods.

May 1st was that day for us.  We were to deliver our first Hot Version full length video which was "powered" by the Kickstarter campaign.

To confess, we were quite nervous about this task, because it was our first Kickstarter and we had never delivered a batch of free digital copies all at once to different accounts.

After researching the best method of implementing this task, we decided to go with our VOD distribution partners, VHX for the delivery of the free 358 copies.

The VHX backend was perfect for us.  VHX is designed for creators that seek independent distribution and have raised money, for example, through crowd funding.  By utilizing the Kickstarter dashboard to export backer info and importing the CSV file back into VHX, we were able to deliver the videos stress fee and on time.  Presto!

Check them out here.

The feedback we received from our backers was very satisfying.  Almost everyone was able to enjoy the video without any trouble on their first try.  We even offer 1080 versions through VHX.

Although our Hot Version video series is now available to the public both on Vimeo and VHX, we would use VHX again to deliver free copies to our backers.

See the Hot Version Vol. 127 Full Length Video here:


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mayweather VS Pacquiao The Winner....Periscope!

A Periscope user streaming his TV from home.  

This weekend was the much anticipated Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight of the Century.  The fight sure didn't pan out as anything we would even remember next week, but the anticipation was just enormous.  Stepping on to the ring alone guaranteed the two fighters millions and millions of money in the bank.  There's no doubt it was a lousy fight but both fighters essentially won because of the sheer money they both made.
So who lost?
The chumps that paid $100 for Pay per View are not winners. Even more so, the poor people who paid $100 only to see Time Warner, Charter and DirecTV PPV services dropped are probably the losers.

Not to be completely outdone, many fans flocked to the internet to see if they could get a glimpse of this horrible fight they were missing.  Many illegal streaming services were shut down by watch dogs and companies hired by HBO and Showtime before the fight even started.  What they couldn't get around to was Periscope.  Which ended up being the winner of this entire debacle as thousands of Periscope streams popped up. Periscope received complaints and took down 30 streams of the fight that night but many people still got to see the fight, or parts of it, via the mobile streaming app.

This guy was streaming live from the MGM from his almost ringside seat.  

But are they really winners? What if HBO and Showtime sue Twitter, which owns Periscope, over massive copyright infringement damages? Wouldn't that cost a tremendous amount of money and become a legal mess? Or in this age of first come first serve internet age, it doesn't matter anymore if you've captured the viewers and they would eventually "have to work" with you? 

That's how YouTube got big, right?  

What are your thoughts?