Friday, February 20, 2015

#EpoxyGTChat Live on Feb 25 3PM (PST)

It's been a few weeks since we announced this partnership and we're really happy with the number of GTChannel partners who have signed up to use Epoxy.

The crew at Epoxy and GTChannel will team up next Wednesday to bring you a live chat event to show you best practices and answer any questions you may have on using the new Epoxy tool. Come join the live chat to ask questions, give us any feedback or just pester us from across that computer screen.

Date: February 25, 2015 (Wed)
Time: 3PM Pacific Standard Time = 11PM Thursday (GMT)

>> UPDATE: Live chat session was a big success.  Thanks to all that participated.  Here is the recorded video.

Maybe, just maybe we may have some free swag to giveaway during our live chat.  See you there!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Claim your custom URL for your channel

Don't you want instead of some random letters?
Having a custom URL is so much more SEO friendly and easier to search. YouTube has put in some minimal requirements in order to create a custom URL but we highly recommend you take the time to set it up for your channel.


  1. Account in good standing: Which you should be if you're in our network.  
  2. At least 500 subs: Don't have enough? Start promoting your channel to friends and family and social media!
  3. Channel is at least 30 days old. 
  4. Uploaded channel icon and art: If you're too lazy to do this, don't even bother about the URL.  
Here is a video on how to do it. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

GTChannel Android App Now Available

The GTChannel Mobile App for Android is finally available.  Go to the Google Play store to DL the app.  We also made some updates from the ver.1.0 iOS so it's even better!

The app lets you share photos and videos of course and also let's you create poles and memes.  Make an account and start uploading your content so your users can watch your videos and interact with you via mobile.

For you iPhone folks, here is the iOS App Download Link:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Are You Below Or Above The YouTube Average View?

In this interesting article from ReelSEO, we learn that videos from the Auto and Vehicles category have an average view of 5,673 views.  Auto videos is not the biggest category in YouTube but has the 5th largest average view behind Entertainment, How-to and Style, Pet and Animals and Science and Tech. We do way better than Gaming.  That is very interesting because Pew Die Pie, a gaming channel,  is the most subscribed YouTube channel now. It still makes a lot of sense because there's a lot of crappy gaming videos out there.  We've seen them.

The most watched video in this category is not a Ken Block video ripping up tires but 2 trucks going backwards really slowly...but with Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between them.

The most interesting part about this blog post was the key-word optimization info they listed.  Try including these keywords to see if it makes a difference for your videos.  

  • 'Top Gear' in the title and description generate an average of 25K views
  • 'Car chase' in the title and description generate an average of 21K views
  • 'Lamborghini' in the title and description generate an average of 19K views
  • 'Wheeler dealers' in the title and description generate an average of 15K views
  • 'Porsche' in the title and description generate an average of 10K views
  • 'BMW' in the title and description generate an average of 6,373 views
  • 'Car review' in the title and description generate an average of 7,965 views

Click to read the whole article here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Epoxy + GTChannel Google Hangout in the Works for Q&A & We're in the Press

Many of our partners have signed up for Epoxy, taking advantage of our partnership.
We will be announcing a Google Hangout shortly for those of you who may have questions on how to use the tool.
Once the date and time is set, we'll send out a notice.

Epoxy announced our relationship along with several other multichannel networks(MCNs) on YouTube.

Here is the Techcrunch article that picked up the news.  Click here to read the article.