Friday, July 12, 2013

Inside ...

> Discounted Tunes
> Get featured on other partner channels
> $25 bucks in your pocket

Special 15% Discount - Jamendo Music

Music is often the driving force for videos.  It is as big a 
character as the cars and starts themselves. And now
our friends at Jamendo Music are helping our partners
to some of the best licensed music out there.

Jamendo is providing all GTChannel partners with 15% discounted music licensing prices.

To use just click the link: 
And use the Discount Code: GTCHANNEL10

Featured Partner Playlist Campaign

The key to finding the elusive new audience is all about discovery.  GTChannel has been working hard on features to bring your channel to the forefront of new viewers.  We'll be announcing some great new tools in the next few months, but we couldn't wait to get started, which is why are are announcing the Featured Partner Playlist Campaign.

One the the highlights of the new One Design channel that all partners now have is the ability to create playlists of other channel's videos.  We are encouraging all partners to create a GTChannel Featured Partner Playlist.  This playlist will include videos that you select from your fellow GTChannel partners.  These videos can be related to your niche or just videos worth sharing - but all should be videos you think your audience would love.

Why is this good for my channel?  

One of the most important factors for channels is the time the audience spends on your channel.  This helps search, and even your cpm.  The beauty of this win-win is that you are creating a portal where the audience can hang out because you are providing a variety of content for your audience.  In addition, you are helping the community, as they help you buy sharing your videos on their channel.  

How do I participate?

The next step is to wait for a crew chief to send you a list of partner channels we think share similar interests.  All you have to do is run through these partner channels and find videos you believe your audience would enjoy - then these are put into a GTChannel Featured Partner Playlist on your channel.  If you need help in creating playlists, then we are happy to help >
but you can also take a read here for more info >>Playlists - HOW TO

We will be keeping track of all those participating to make sure everyone is enjoying the fruits of the program.  We don't want 12 partners sharing videos for a partner who doesn't have a partner playlist up.  In that case we will reach out, scold them, and ask them to view there moral compass until they follow suit and join the party.

$25 DOLLARS for Partner Referrals

GTChannel spends a lot of time and effort to track down and find the right partners that have the vision, passion, and spirit to make their automotive channels a success.
What we realized is that many of the great new partners - come from other partners.
And that is exactly what we want to encourage.

Now, until September 1, 2013, we'll be paying $25 dollars to any partner that helps us find a qualified new partner for the GTChannel community. All you have to do is have your friends email us at and mention that Partner (user name) suggested I speak to you about joining the largest automotive network on YouTube.
Or you can always email us yourself with contact info for a channel you deem worthy of our team.  We'll reach out to them and if they join the team we'll give you $25.  

I would think you should share the $25 with a beer for the new partner, but we'll let you sort that out.



Congrats to MrAeroHD for netting the top views in the Green Flag campaign in June.  Well done!  

I just hope I win the GT-R.

Look for more Green Flags coming this summer!