Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Partner Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!
GTChannel sends our best wishes to you and your family.

Building Your Channel Community 
We can take lessons from the biggest brands in the world on how to build an active and engaging community of viewers.  The key is the innate human desire to belong. Everyone wants to belong to a like-minded group of individuals. It's the primal code. 

People don't subscribe to your channel - they subscribe to a personality, a lifestyle, a cause.
Content is important, but it is the message and branding that keeps viewers coming back.

Here are some tips to help take advantage of the primal code and build your own community.

1.  Give viewers a reason to return. Programmed uploads of videos - every Tuesday a new release. 

2.  Encourage audience to share the videos.  The best way is to ask. They are your advocates.

3.  Your channel should have a story, a personality.  This background is your identity.  Ask yourself 
      who your channel and brand is - and reinforce that message all the time.  The truth is usually
      the best story.  Ex.  I grew up wrenching with my Dad and it build a passion that followed my
      entire life.  

4.  Creed - Design your creed. You can do this with your channel name, a slogan, a logo, and
     channel description.  This is who you are, what your brand is about, and what you believe in.
     One of the best ways is your short and concise home page trailer.

5.  Rituals - This goes back to programming and your message.  Repeat an experience associated
     with your brand.  Common named and formated shows do this.  If your video is car reviews - repeat 
     that format and style.  Think TV.  They do this very well.  If you are dueling two high performance
     cars - do that over and over again.

6.  Language and tone - You have a way of saying things and doing things.  That is all yours.
     Keep that and continue that voice.  The way you refer to different cars, or parts is your language.
     If you want to be "in the group" as a viewer - you have to learn the language.  Once the viewer does
     it is very appealing.  Think of Seinfeld - it had a voice.  Odd at first, but by year two you could speak
     Jerry and Kramer's language.

7.  Leader - You must have a leader.  Who is the face of the channel.  Get on camera.  If you aren't 
     seen it is impersonal and just video flickering across the computer.  We suggest introducing every
     video with you on camera.  Tell them what is coming up.  Then bookend it with your wrap up.  We 
    have seen 90% increases in data points when opens/wraps our utilized.  And it shows the man
    or woman that despite the odds has come to the viewer to put this all together.  It is there person to
    root for and befriend.

Social Media - Tips 

If you are not using social media to promote your channel - you are leaving money on the table.  Here are tips and to do's to boost your social network presence.

1. You MUST be on Facebook, it is a great tool with a billion users. It is a must.
    In fact - you MUST have Instagram, Twitter and G+ (which you need for YT comments anyways).

2. Utilize Youtube’s About section to Link all your social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter , G+)

3.  Make sure to have a link to your Youtube Page somewhere on your Facebook Page.

4. Follow GTCHANNEL on Instagram/Twitter, and LIKE us on Facebook,  so we know you have set them up, and we can give you shout outs when relevant posts concerning your videos are promoted. 

Twitter:  @gtchannel
Instagram:  @gtchannel

5. Once every few weeks try to unite all the followers across social media platforms (on Twitter/Instagram promote your facebook, on Twitter/Facebook promote your Instagram...etc.)

6. Engage with users through comments and contests. Build a following of active users.

* This is very powerful.  This is a two way communication.  You should check comments on YouTube and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram DAILY.

** Also VERY important -  GET ON YOUR FEED. These following actions are posted to your feed.  This is PRIME real estate on the viewers page, and a great way to get them to visit you.

    *  Like your videos,  Also Like fellow GTChannel partner videos (as they will do the same to you)
    *  Share your playlists.  Also adding videos to playlists (even other people) show on the feed.
    *  Subscribe to GTChannel and GTChannel Partners (we'll be sending a list) 
    *  Post on Google +

7. Have fun; light heartedness is rewarded on social media and can give your followers and viewers a positive image.  Haters are not rewarded.

8. Chain Social media accounts (Instagram has share to button, Facebook has option to post to twitter)  Link your network together.

9. At Tent Pole events take lots of videos/pictures for off season - to keep content regular.  Stockpile

10. Be active on all Social Media fronts, don't be afraid to share content you enjoy from other channels/accounts/pages. The more impressions you have, the better the brand awareness.

FREE Music - Courtesy YouTube

We've sent a few of these free music libraries out.  Now YouTube itself has put a library together.  Something we can all take advantage of.  Check out the info on the program here.

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