Monday, December 30, 2013

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2014 - Happy New Years!

Quick Fix - Give your channel a boost.
Six quick steps. 

Here is a simple way to boost your channel through search results and even higher CPM's.  This quick fix can be simply done by making sure your channel category is set for Autos & Vehicles. 

Here is how.

1. Login into your YouTube Channel
2. Right Click on your profile (top right) - select Video Manager
3. Click Channel Settings
4. Select Defaults
5. You'll see Category, License, Title, Description. tags - All good to fill out for your channel
6.  But make sure your Category selection is set for AUTO & VEHICLES

That's it!

$25 Dollar Per Referred Partner  
 * Partner Referral Program
GTChannel spends a lot of time finding and reviewing content channels to see if they would be a good fit for our community. Now you can help. 
What we realized is many new great partners are coming from partners - we love that and now we are putting money behind your efforts. Got a channel you think should be in GTChannel Community?

All you have to do is identify a potential partner. Have that partner contact us for review AND MENTION you as the referring partner. We'll take a look at them and the channel. If we bring them in - you get the finder's fee.

Just email >

List of the Month -  Six Keys to Build Contagious Videos
I have been reading a fantastic book called "Contagious: Why things catch on" by Jonah Berger. This is a fantastic read about the recipe to get videos to catch on and spread quickly.
 The six keys to sharing as outlined in Berger’s book – Contagious
  • Social currency:, It’s all about people talking about things to make themselves look good, rather than bad
  • Triggers, which is all about the idea of “top of mind, tip of tongue.” We talk about things that are on the top of our heads.
  • Ease for emotion: When we care, we share. The more we care about a piece of information or the more we’re feeling physiologically aroused, the more likely we pass something on.
  • Public: When we can see other people doing something, we’re more likely to imitate it.
  • Practical value: Basically, it’s the idea of news you can use. We share information to help others, to make them better off.
  • Stories, or how we share things that are often wrapped up in stories or narratives.

Contagious Videos

Friday, December 20, 2013

YouTube's Recent Changes, Updates, and Managed vs. Affiliated

Fellow drivers,

  We're rapidly approaching the end of 2013 and we can't thank you enough for letting us be a part of your journey this year.  All of us at GTChannel feel privileged to work with you in making more quality automotive content on YouTube.  We've seen all of us grow our audiences, improve our content, and get more attention from advertisers and sponsors.
  As we head into the end of the year, this is a good time to reflect on some recent updates to YouTube.
By now some of you may have heard about managed and affiliated status for channels within an MCN.  This is a very simple classification and it follows the logical naming.
Managed channels are those channels an MCN manages directly.  In the case of GTChannel that would be channels like GTChannel and HotVersionGT.  These are channels we control directly on a daily basis and are responsible for in terms of content, audience, rights, and all the other aspects of running a channel.
Affiliated are channels that are part of the GTChannel family but not directly run by us.  In short, you, our wonderful partners.  Affiliation changes nothing.  You're still a part of GTChannel and we're still as committed to helping you succeed.  Simply changing the title does not change our dedication to you and your channel.
  Another update to YouTube is the process of manually approving monetization on videos. This is not as bad as it sounds.
If you're already following the best practices set forth by YouTube and GTChannel, you should be fine.  This new process, in theory, only have an effect on those content producers who regularly use content they don't have legal permission to use.  This shouldn't be any of our partners.  Using music, video, or stills you fully own, are royalty free (different than creative commons), or licensed, then you're in the clear.
  One murky area to this new policy is gaming footage.  One thing to understand is that YouTube isn't against gamers.  YouTube, who is caught in the middle between gamers and the game publishers, has a legal obligation to comply with American copyright law.
These laws are set by the American Congress and it's actually not YouTube enforcing those laws.  YouTube has to provide tools and mechanisms for the actual copyright owners to enforce their legal rights.  Some of these tools are Content ID and the ability to manually claim, block, or take down videos.  The new monetization review process is just YouTube having to comply with the laws passed by Congress.
  The way copyright applies to video games is pretty unique and while we're not lawyers (and this is not legal advice), here is how we understand the legal claims to video game footage: Rights to use gameplay in a non-fair use way are set by the individual publishers.  Typically, publishers do not allow the use of footage for any reason on any platform.  Some may state that policy but don't enforce it- which is not the same as having legal rights.  While other publishers (we don't know of any) are okay with you using anything from their games for any reason.  Whether you enable monetization or not, it doesn't matter.  If you don't have permission from the publisher authorizing you to use video game footage, you are breaking copyright law when you upload your video- with a few exceptions, mainly fair use.  You can read about the definition of fair use here
  It remains to be seen how much this possible manual monetization review affects us all.  We'll have to wait and see.  As a community of auto content creators, it's in our best interest to share with each other on our experiences with this new process.  If you experience delays, let us know.  Which is why we encourage you to write us if you run into this first hand so we can all better understand how to make the best of these new updates.
Thank you and happy holidays to you all!