Thursday, August 13, 2015

GTChannel Does NASCAR?!

Last weekend GTChannel had an opportunity to partner with Brian Wong for the K&N East Pro Series as part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup last weekend.

The track was the legendary Watkins Glen and we were proud to have Brian run our name across the hood and rear panel of his MDM Hillman Racing prepped race car!

Read full story here. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How Much Is My Brand Worth?

Do you know how much advertisers or brands are willing to spend on you?  For example, how much would it cost for a brand to have you upload a brand influencer video or a product placement in your video?

When GTChannel has these conversations with brands, the formula is something like this:

Cost to Produce Content + Reach & Engagement = Brand Integration Quote Amount

This has always been difficult to come up with because all the data is sprawled throughout several different platforms and it's changing everyday.  So then came Social Blue Book.  SBB is like a social media version of Kelley Blue Book we car guys know very well.  It gives you a "suggested price" of anything from a custom brand integration to a shout out.  No need to take it literally but it gives you and brands a ball park figure of what we're dealing with here.  Obviously if there are extra specific production requests from the brands, those kind of things need to be reflected in the pricing.  So take it as a starting point but not the end all solution. 

The app just went live in July and the service is fairly new but it already has platform integration with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vine.  It looks like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch and Blog integration is in the works.  

Give it a shot and see how much your brand is worth.  It's all about building your brand, whether it's on YouTube or any platform for that matter.  
- TK