Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Papago! GOSAFE 520 Product Review

GTChannel just reviewed the GOSAFE 520 dashcam from Papago!  This little dashcam can shoot 2560x1080 at 30P at a wide aspect ratio of 21:9.  We were pretty impressed with the video quality.  
Read the full review here with actual video samples.  

If you are GTChannel Partner and would like to review a Papago! product, hit us up and we'll send you what we have here in our office.   

Monday, June 15, 2015

How Automotive YouTubers Are Beating Car Commercials

In a recent study on YouTube and automotive brands by Octoly.com, they found out that although many brands had presence on YouTube, they weren't doing a very good job of reaching out to the audience.  Many brand marketers think of YouTube as a 2nd tier viewing option after television, where they only focus on how many views a video was able to generate.  But we all know in reality is that YouTube is more about engaging with your audience and creating a conversation.

See the Octoly.com study here.  

This is no surprise as we are all guilty of "Skipping" YouTube pre-rolls ads.  Even the good ones like this one here, but Octoly.com assumes many of the views came from paid pre-roll ads.

We can call these types of videos created by brands for YouTube "owned media." And the second type of car videos are "earned media." Earned media is a car video created by a YouTuber with their brand being mentioned.

Earned media is what fans and the automotive journalists say about your brand.  This accounts for 90% of a brand's share on YouTube.

Basically, 9 out of 10 are watching videos made by YouTubers rather than watching automotive commercials. The following are examples of "earned media" by automotive brands.

SmurfinWRX is a good example of a YouTube channel dedicated to an automotive brand.

HondaPro Jason has a made a career being the number one Honda fan channel on YouTube.  

143CAR reviews the Lexus RC350 AWD F Sport.  This isn't a Lexus commercial by Lexus.   This is an editorial video by the 143CAR staff reviewing the car.  

It's time for the brands to really start taking notice of all of these creators out there and work with them to engage with fans on YouTube.  

That's where GTChannel comes into play.  Instead of brands having to work with hundreds of car channels, they can work with GTChannel to gain access to YouTubers that influence the purchase or can make that connection from brand to audience.