Thursday, September 24, 2015

No More BS! Strike Social Can Predict And Analyze Your Next Online Video Campaign- Part 2

In our Part 1 of "No More BS! Strike Social Can Predict And Analyze Your Next Online Video Campaign" post we introduced the Contagious Index(CI).  This index is based on how much your video is getting shared around the various social media platforms out there.
Let's take one of our videos for an example.

Drifting Top 6 Reasons Why We Love It is a video we released on August 27th, 2015.  It has 30,387 views as of today on September 24, 2015.  So it's been a little short of a month since we released this video.

Our goal from the beginning was to produce a video that would get shared by many of our viewers.  That is actually the number one objective when coming up with video ideas these days.  We question ourselves, "hmm, that's a cool video concept but would my friends want to watch and share this video"?

We figured if we compiled videos from our library and made a humorous list of why we love drifting, our viewers would share the videos on social media. Everyone loves lists as Buzzfeed has proven.

On Strike, you are able to conduct individual video analysis and even predictions.  Let's take a look at our above drifting video.

The Contagious Index is 241 which is not too bad but not that great either.  There are substantially more "Likes" than "Dislikes" so that is a good sign. 

Below you can see the engagement on various social media platforms from YouTube, Twitter, G+ and Facebook.  YT and FB count for the majority of the engagement with FB doing just a little more than a point more than YT.  The 160 Shares on FB is not that bad I suppose.  So we can say we somewhat achieved our goal.  Except we would be happy with more. These things take time and the more we practice, analyze and re-try, we get better at it.  

The following tab "PREDICT" is where it starts to get really interesting.  With this tool, we can predict how many views we can generate both artificially/PAID and ORGANIC.  And even run the campaign via the site, by clicking on PROMOTE to run your own Programmatic ad campaign. 

Now creators and online video marketers can analyze video performance, also plan promotional campaigns and even implement campaigns all on this platform.   

Even after campaigns, we can go back to export reports on how the entire campaign performed.  We have used this tool so far to report back to brands on how their videos are performing on GTChannel.  
So partners, use these metrics when pitching to clients and brands and also understand that although you want to have a strong organic view baseline,  you have that option to buy views on YouTube to fulfill view count obligations. 

- TK

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