Wednesday, September 9, 2015

No More BS! Strike Social Can Predict And Analyze Your Next Online Video Campaign

No more, guestimates and bull shitting your way through presentations because now you and your clients have access to intelligent online tools like Strike Social.

Some GTChannel partners already produce online videos for brands and individual clients. Even for those partners without clients yet, this tool can help you predict the performance of your videos and an accurate return on investment. We suggest you give it a try on your next marketing proposal or even when you are just planning for your next video release.

Strike Social is an awesome tool we found that enables creators and marketers smarter media planning, buying and competitive analysis.  The best part about it is that it's absolutely free.  Here at GTChannel, we love data and we love free shit. Especially if it helps our partners. Let's walk through the site.


The first Competitive Analysis section enable users of the site to run a competitive analysis on brands with YouTube channels. We entered the Toyota USA and Nissan USA YouTube channels just for kicks.

Since we are on the PAID tab, it shows how many YouTube TrueView advertising views each brand has paid for.  (Basically the pre-roll ads we see in front of the videos most people skip automatically)We can see that Toyota has paid for 69.6M views and Nissan 34.3M views.

Toyota has a bigger budget so they buy more views. There is nothing wrong with that.  Now let's see the next tab "EARNED".

Boom! Nissan has twice as many EARNED views at 7.76 M compared to Toyota's 3.52 M.  This is the most important figure since this reflects how many people are sharing, reposting, commenting and reviewing the content. It's essentially the virality(if that's even a word) of the video content.

For the next OWNED views come from the brands own channel, blogs, websites and social media accounts.  This reflects how much effort the brands itself puts into getting the content out on their own. Most definitely an important index as well as it shows how effective their own PR and marketing team is doing.

TOTAL VIEWS is obvious.  This shows the overall reach whether attained through PAID, EARNED or OWNED.

The second part "Top Industry Videos" are sorted by Best Videos as default. This is sorted by the Contagious Index.  The lower the better.  The CI identifies videos that are being highly shared, commented on and viewed at real time. Three out of the top 4 videos are by Nissan as shown above. The top video by Nissan comes up with a low Contagious Index(CI) of 68 points.

To be continued...


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