Friday, August 22, 2014

3 Simple Ways on How to Not Suck

We've been sending you guys tips on how to improve your videos and we're really seeing some great results with partners that have followed those steps.  Some partner channels like Steve's POV are literally blowing up as we speak.  You may have seen this crazy LED Lambo video but now it has 1.5 million views!

On the other hand, we still have guys uploading videos with file names like as titles..

 Things like this make us cringe because some of the videos are pretty good and could do way better by  optimizing the meta data (titles, description, tags).  If you're gonna do it, let's do it right guys!

So we're going to break it down to 3 simples ways today!

1. Follow Best Practices.  The minimum you must do to get on the search radar is your meta data.  Title, description and tags!  We can't tell you enough that without these three things, your video will go unnoticed and lost in internet wasteland.

Check out the awesome title that has all the right keywords people would search for.  See the description with detailed text on the video with keywords and of course links to the official website and key social media channels.  DailyDrivenExotics gets an A plus here!

For more on Best Practices.  Click here. 

2. Human Connection: All successful YouTube channels have that human connection.  Real people speaking directly into the camera is the best way to connect with an audience.  All of the YouTube masters like PewDiePie, Nigahiga and ijustine  have become HUGE stars in this way. 

SuperspeedersRob in our network with 228K subscribers is no different.  He's the main guy on his channel and he speaks directly to the audience.  Go check out how he's doing it right.  

So does this guy. "No Muff too Tuff"! He's no pro but he's talking to the audience.  Ok, so he looks like he's reading from a cue card but hey we give him props for going out there and just doing it!

3. Be Consistent: Find what you are good at and stick with it.  356Daly sticks with supercar videos.  He just reached 1000 subscribers and is growing quickly because he's starting to find his niche.  The audience knows they can come to his channel to see exotic cars.  So don't try to be everything, stick to what you are good at and make lots of videos.  Many people don't realize that the number of videos you release on a consistent basis is extremely important to building an audience.  Keep the flow going so your audience keep coming back for more.  Make more videos!

So you got that?  
  1. Follow Best Practices
  2. Human Connection
  3. Be Consistent
Do this and we guarantee your videos will become better!

Oh and don't even bother sending your videos to for promotion if you don't have the above 1. done.  Com'on you gotta do some of the work yourself!

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