Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To YouTube

Facebook is a tricky one. But no matter what people may say about it, it's not going anywhere.  So we better get used to it and get on it if you're not.

We admit, they do shady stuff like hiding your reach to only a certain percentage of your fans but they make the rules.  Here are a couple things you need to do to use Facebook to your advantage.

    1.    Create a PAGE: Use your personal account for friends and family.  Create a Facebook Page that is linked to your YouTube channel.  Your YouTube channel is a brand and it needs a Facebook Page that can accept unlimited numbers of fans.  A personal account is limited to 5000 friends.  

    2.    Create a community on Facebook:  YouTube is great for videos but Facebook is great for posting pictures and most of all sharing.  Share your own videos and videos you like.  You may notice that on the GTChannel Facebook Page,we share a lot of our partner videos but other random videos, photos and stories we like as well.  Make it a destination spot for your fans!

    3.    Upload videos and images to your Facebook Page:  We have found out that you get more REACH when uploading videos and images directly to Facebookand NOT posting links.  It's just a way for Facebook to keep people on Facebook.  How to get around this is to upload 15 second teasers of YouTube videos on to Facebook with a "Click here for full version" link in the description.  See how we did it on this Travis Pastrana rally video! 


  1. i like that 15 second teaser video on the facebook! it would take me a whole extra minute to render a short clip for facebook!

  2. Exactly. You're already exporting so why not export a short version for Facebook, Instagram and Vine!