Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Royalty Free Music Libraries


We often get questions on what kind of music to use and how to get good music for your videos.  
First thing we need to recognize is that the music you use in your video must be created by yourself or you have the rights to use someone else's music.  

You can create simple beats with some bass using software like Garageband but finding royalty free music is an easy way to incorporate music for your videos.  We all know, lousy music can make or break a video.

Here are some of our suggestions on where to find royalty free music on the internet.  

  1. YouTube: Go to Video Manager>Creation Tools>Audio Library.  You will be surprised by the amount and quality of free music they offer here.  We strongly suggest you start here.
  2. Activity Music: There are several YouTube channels that offers free copyright free music in exchange for crediting the artist and placing a download link in the video description.  Activity Music is one of them.  They have tons of electronic music if that is what you're looking for.
  3. Incomptech.com: From African music to Rock, these guys have something for everyone.
  4. Dig.ccmixter.org: A site that has 1000s of songs with permission to use for your videos.
  5. Josh Woodward: This guy knows what he's talking about.  He has hundreds of videos for you to use free of charge. Only thing he asks in return is to credit and include a link in your video description.  He even has a note on his website for YouTube partners.  
Here are some sites we go to buy or license music. 
  1. Jamendo.com: We have often turned to Jamendo to find high quality licensed music.  You usually pay what you get for and when free stuff just isn't doing it, you have to go to the pros.
  2. YouLicense.com: Another site that offers decent music for a reasonable price.
 I would recommend you go visit these sites to see which one matches your needs as a video creator.  Many of them lets you create an account and save playlists for future projects.  
Now go do it!


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