Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot Version Kickstarter Video Delivered to 538 Backers via VHX

The most important part about launching a Kickstarter campaign is delivering the final promised product or service to your loyal backers.

Sure, you've got the stickers, T-shirts and the whole 9 yards but you got to deliver the goods.

May 1st was that day for us.  We were to deliver our first Hot Version full length video which was "powered" by the Kickstarter campaign.

To confess, we were quite nervous about this task, because it was our first Kickstarter and we had never delivered a batch of free digital copies all at once to different accounts.

After researching the best method of implementing this task, we decided to go with our VOD distribution partners, VHX for the delivery of the free 358 copies.

The VHX backend was perfect for us.  VHX is designed for creators that seek independent distribution and have raised money, for example, through crowd funding.  By utilizing the Kickstarter dashboard to export backer info and importing the CSV file back into VHX, we were able to deliver the videos stress fee and on time.  Presto!

Check them out here.

The feedback we received from our backers was very satisfying.  Almost everyone was able to enjoy the video without any trouble on their first try.  We even offer 1080 versions through VHX.

Although our Hot Version video series is now available to the public both on Vimeo and VHX, we would use VHX again to deliver free copies to our backers.

See the Hot Version Vol. 127 Full Length Video here:


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