Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mine's Concept Scion FR-S by GTChannel Announcement - Smart, Sophisticated and Stupid Fast

Culver City, CA - October 29, 2014 GTChannel revealed its Scion Tuner Challenge entry car, the Mine's Concept Scion FR-S by GTChannel.  

Truly a collaborative build by GTChannel, Mine's and MotoIQ with the concept to build a car that is smart, sophisticated and stupid fast.  The goal was a car that any of us would want to drive as a daily driver but also fast enough to take to the tracks.  Not a car that would simply sit in a garage or only be an attraction at a car show.  A car all of us would be proud to drive.  

"The parts we choose are really only to enhance the natural potential of the Scion FR-S and not to take away from anything it already possesses" says Taro Koki President of GTChannel and producer of the Mine's Concept Scion FR-S. 

- The car is full of unexpected surprises because for one, Mine's is known for tuning Nissan GT-Rs.  Mine's also contributed to bring in JDM brands to this project like Avest, Ganador, Esprit and Bridgestone.  But MotoIQ and GTChannel were able to call on other brands that Mine's had not worked with like HKS, KW Suspension, Whiteline and Wilwood Disc Brakes.  It is truly a collaborative Japan + USA +(and German) package.

- Avoiding typical wide body kits and tuners usually associated with the Scion FR-S was an obvious choice.  The goal was to be different.  Thus the narrow body look with subtle aero parts, but dynamic lines to exentuate accentuate the form of the car. The goal was to deliver a clean and sophisticated look with attention to detail and design.  

- The car is inspired by Mine's tuning philosophy.  GTChannel working with the clothing line "Route 20" came up with a totally unexpected car design that represents the car concept.  

- "As car builders we thought hard about the definition of a 'tuner car'  and deliberately choose not to build an all out race car.  Because in the end we wanted to build a tuner car that we would want to drive ourselves on a daily basis" says Taro Koki.  

- With the Ganador exhaust, Unorthodox Racing crank pulley and HKS Supercharger the car pulled 223hp on the dyno. Yes GTChannel and MotoIQ tested this car too.  Mike Kojima from MotoIQ  setup the KW Suspension Clubsport suspension and even properly aligned at West End in Carson, CA.  This car is ready to take on the track against anyone today. 

- Recaro Sportster CS seats and a Takata Racing Drift 3 Black Street Legal Belt system keeps the driver in place during sports driving. The AC is still intact and a new Pioneer multi-touch screen AppRadio stereo system was installed to keep the driving experience as comfortable as can be.  

Original renderings of the Mine's FR-S Concept by GTChannel

Click to videos on the Scion Tuner Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEGDOTG_1p0dWpfpjpSWIKwZfteumDfT_


Engine HKS GT SUPER CHARGER KIT 2.0 L 4-cylinder Boxer Engine 

Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley

HPS Performance Silicon Hoses

Nameless Engine Covers etc. 
Exhaust Ganador Exhaust

5 Zigen Straight Pipe
Radiator CSF
Brakes Wilwood

APR Brake Ducts
Chassis Whiteline Strut Tower Brace
Suspension KW Suspension Clubsport

Whiteline Suspension and Diff Bushings

Whiteline Front Lower Control Arms

Whiteline Rear Lower Control Arms

Spoon Sports/Rigid Collars
Tires Bridgestone Potenza R11S F&R 265/35R18
Wheels Rays - Volk Racing ZE40 Mat Blue Gun Metal

Volk Racing Lug Nuts & Lock

8 Prince Spacers
Aero Esprit Front Lip Spoiler

TRD Side Skirts

TRD Side Fenders Garnish

Avest Rear Wing

Avest Side Mirros

Seibon Carbon Hood

Seibon Carbon Trunk Cover

Seibon Rear Defuser
Lights TRD HID Headlights Front

Tom's Tail lights 
Interior TRD Steering Wheel

TRD Shift Knob

TAKATA Racing Drift 3 Street Legal Belts (Black)

Recaro Sportster CS Seats

Cyber Stork Gauge Display
Audio Pioneer New AppRadio 4 Mech-less 2Din Touch Screen Multimedia Receiver

Pioneer 4 Channel Amplifier

Pioneer G-Series Speakers
Design Route 20
Build Shop MotoIQ/Technosquare


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