Monday, September 22, 2014

Wanted Associate Editor Position

Through our multi-channel network business, we have run into some talented video creators and hired them for our GTChannel Original Production series numerous times.  In the past we have hired and worked with network partners like Devon Afro Thunder/Imagine Media,  LORENinHD, Tomimotfilms and DriftIdiot
Managing the network allows us to see who's hustling and making a name for themselves creating videos.  

GTChannel is seeking a fast paced ASSISTANT EDITOR to help in post production of several on-going automotive shows.  

Job requirements: Learn the business with us. Main tasks will be in the post production and editorial area, but everyone helps everyone - so other areas include social updates, digital distribution, partner management, et. al.

The must have's ...

1) Car Nut - ideally, in the Tuning, Drifting, action motorsports area.
2) Proficient on FCP 7, Adobe Premiere
3) Be as reliable as a Ford Truck.  
4) All professional - we are having fun, but this is a business and professionalism is required.

Looking for 3-5 weekdays, ideally full time. 

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