Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Playlist on GTChannel

The 'how to' segment is the fastest growing category on YouTube. We've found that our how to video do pretty well too.  So we made a playlist of 'how to' videos from our network partners. 

This is mainly due to how we are using the internet now.  When was the last time you didn't know how to do something and you just 'Googled' it?  Most likely your 2nd or 3rd result on that search result page was a YouTube video.

Folks would just rather see and hear someone else showing them how to do things than reading about it.  It's faster and way easier that reading through a manual.

OEM Audio Plus is a car audio manufacturer that releases installation videos.  Just don't pay attention to the semi-annoying voice over,  this explanation totally makes sense.  

Peter@ Speed Academy explains and shows us how to install brakes and new coil-overs properly. He's not just a pretty face with manly legs.  

All of you GTChannel partners out there with How To videos, send your links to newvideo@gtchannel.com for inclusion in our playlist.

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