Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Featured Video of the Month: Ken Gushi Drifting Pikes Peak

Watch Ken Gushi race up Pikes Peak from his POV helmet cam.  The best part is around the 5:00 minute mark when he reaches the "W" section after the half way point.  Notice him starting to use the e-brake to drift through the corners.  Ken finished the course in 10:30.188 coming in 3rd out of 18 entries in the Time Attack 1 Class.  The crowd definitely loved his run the most.  More video with exterior shots and interviews coming soon to GTChannel.

GTChannel and crew were up at Pikes Peak in June.  The significant part about this production was not because Ken Gushi drifted corners racing up Pikes Peak (although he is a boss for doing that)  but because our production crew was made up by GTChannel Partners.  

Full video of the event is coming up but we want to thank the following partners for making this production possible.  Sub to their channels!

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