Friday, May 30, 2014

What the Heck is Content ID?

The Do's and Don'ts of Content ID

First of all what the heck is Content ID?
It's that little button you click or don't click when you are uploading your videos or see in the info and settings of particular videos.

Sometimes you click it, sometimes you don't, or maybe you never click it because it might blow up your page or you always click it because you want to make sure you got everything covered.
But listen to us really carefully here.

Don't click the Enable Content ID matches unless you EXCLUSIVELY own that piece of content you are uploading.  I repeat, don't click it unless you solely own that video.

In other words, the following DEFINITELY do not apply.

  • Mashups, "best of" compilations and remixes of other works.  Even though you may have edited it, if the clips were not shot by you, the footage is not yours.  
  • Video game play
  • Software visuals
  • Movie trailers
  • Music videos
  • Music you do not own
  • Recording of performances including concerts, speeches and shows
What Content ID does is make a reference file, a master of that video and scans YouTube videos for copies.  

For example, the above video is a video licensed to GTChannel through the Toyota PR & Communications division.  Toyota gave us permission to upload this video and even gave us the freedom to monetize on the video (see above "Usage Policy" is set to Monetize) but they did not give us the copyright of the video. 

If we enable Content ID on this video what would happen? 

YouTube would create a reference file of this video and make us the sole owner of this video.  Then the system would go out and claim other media outlets or even the Toyota YouTube channel for uploading the same video.  Basically it would get REALLY ugly and we don't want that.  

So, if you have a movie trailer, game play video or music which you do not own, or even a video of an event or a show which you attended, don't enable Content ID.  

This feature is only for original content producers, studios, music labels/publishers and organizations like the NFL, NHL etc. 

If you have more questions on this issue, see the video below. 


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