Friday, May 30, 2014

Cheat A Little With Trends

Having problems coming up with video ideas, titles or show concepts?

The best place to look is what people are already looking at.

Use social media trends to find out what's trending out there and get on the band wagon.  It's a little cheating but hey who's cares!  You gotta go where the people are at.  If people are searching for "Le Mans" that weekend, why not come out with your own "Le Mans" theme video.  Or if Microsoft's former CEO Steve Ballmer just announced to buy the Clippers, get creative and make a video about how much it would suck to have to buy Clipper tickets using a Microsoft app.  You know what I mean.

Where do you find the trends? That is the easy part.


For Twitter and Facebook they are right on your home screen.

You can custom curate most of these lists to your likings so irrelevant keywords are filtered.

If people are looking for it, and if you have a video on it, the chances of your video being discovered increases.

Go do it!

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